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Gas supply strategy for CHP projects

November 2018

“Our CHP [Combined Heat and Power] project goes to our board in two weeks, and we have some questions about natural gas supply and costs. Can you help?” Read more >>

Energy storage is gaining traction in the Ontario electricity market

November 2017

Energy storage applications are beginning to gain some traction in the Ontario electricity market. Advances in battery technology are enabling commercial and industrial end-users to explore batteries as a strategy for addressing the burden of Global Adjustment costs. Read more >>

Cap and trade program kicks off with the first Ontario Auction

April 2017

On March 22, 2017, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change held the first Ontario cap and trade auction. The results were published on April 3. Read more >>

A closer look at the Fair Hydro Plan

April 2017

In March, the Government of Ontario announced elements of its Fair Hydro Plan. Among other components, the Plan will lower electricity bills by 25% on average for all residential customers and hold rate increases for the next four years to the rate of inflation. Although some aspects of the plan are known, questions remain about other elements and their impact. Read more >>

How the best get better

February 2017

Aegent was asked recently to make a presentation on risk management to the monthly Management Committee meeting at a chemical processing company. The company is among the “Gold” list of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Being a sophisticated, well-run organization, it knows a lot about risk management already. Read more >>

Engaging senior management in energy

January 2017

While energy has been on the radar as a facility cost to manage, it has yet to become a strategic imperative at the senior management level. A new article in the Harvard Business Review​ makes the case for energy strategy to be a C-suite affair. Read more >>

Changes to the Industrial Conservation Initiative offer cost reduction opportunities

October 2016

Ontario is proposing to expand the Industrial Conservation Initiative program to include more than 1,000 newly eligible consumers. Read more >>

Cap and trade in Ontario: the carbon context and FAQs

February 2016

In preparing for cap and trade, it is important to recognize the context of carbon as a new commodity when managing energy consumption. Aegent has summarized some of the frequently asked questions and answers we have been addressing. Read more >>

Low natural gas prices: good news for everyone?

February 2016

Natural gas consumption is increasing in part because of low gas prices. In contrast, suppliers have been under pressure. Reduced cash flow from lower natural gas and oil prices is having wide-spread impact. Read more >>

Evolving gas supply picture calls for attention to basis risk

October 2015

The paths for delivering gas into Ontario are changing. There may be transportation constraints as the network adapts to moving gas to market from new supply zones. What does this mean for Ontario gas buyers? Read more >>