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We know how energy works

Aegent Energy Advisors works with energy buyers to reduce costs, manage risks, and simplify energy buying.

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Costs Can Be Managed

Energy costs have a big impact on the bottom line. But some planning and careful management can keep costs under control.

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Risk Can Be Managed

Fluctuating energy prices can play havoc with your budget. But there are other risks that aren't so obvious. Are you managing all your risks?

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Find Out How To Get Started

Energy buying is complex. Where do you start to manage energy buying better?

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Cap and trade in Ontario: the carbon context and FAQs

In preparing for cap and trade, it is important to recognize the context of carbon as a new commodity when managing energy consumption. Aegent has summarized some of the frequently asked questions and answers we have been addressing. Read more»

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Energy Cost Predictability

How do you forecast future energy costs when you can't predict price?  By avoiding the price prediction game and turning to cost and risk management .

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Natural Gas

Aegent Energy Advisors can help you manage your natural gas supply and transportation needs.

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Aegent Energy Advisors can help you find an energy solution that best suits your business.

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