The Aegent Approach

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Energy management can be better, much better


There Is a Better Way

Aegent thinks about the right ways to achieve client objectives


Objective, Independent

Aegent uses real data and evidence to guide strategy


Understand how risk affects energy outcomes

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Aegent's clients are leaders in their sectors. They constantly seek better paths to managing energy. Aegent's relationship with its clients makes it a better company too.

Industrial & Commercial

Aegent's client roster includes property managers, manufacturers and power generators. The common element of Aegent's approach to their varying requirements is developing competitive cost advantage by reducing energy costs and effectively manage energy price risk.

Greenfield Ethanol

Aegent helped Greenfield Ethanol renovate its supply portfolio and distribution contracts. The result was a more competitive supply mix, greater operational flexibility, and significant cost savings.

Toromont Energy

Managing risk requires a gas purchasing strategy matched to the terms of your power sales. That's the approach Aegent adopted with Toromont Energy - a market leader in distributed generation and CHP projects.


Aegent's clients cross the spectrum of public sector buyers. Aegent develops strategies that help these clients meet their energy budgets without compromising the need to deliver reliable services.


School boards and facility managers count on Aegent to develop successful energy risk management, procurement and budgeting processes that allow schools to focus their financial and human resources on education.


Aegent works with hospital facility and financial managers, especially those running cogeneration or combined heat and power facilities, on appropriate risk and energy procurement strategy, and energy budgeting.