Welcome to Jupiter

Energy markets are complex.

You want objective, independent advisors you trust. You need expertise and insight to reduce costs and manage risk.

JUPITER is your energy partner.

JUPITER is formed by bringing together the energy procurement expertise of Aegent Energy Advisors Inc. and E2 Energy Inc., two companies with established track records for effective energy management strategies and reputations for integrity and excellence in client service.

JUPITER is not an energy broker or marketer. We are focused exclusively on your needs for independent, objective advice and reliable services to help you reduce costs and manage risk. JUPITER works for you – we accept no compensation or commissions from energy suppliers.

In mythology, Jupiter was the guardian and protector of the gods. In astrology, Jupiter was imbued with wisdom and thoughtfulness, and credited with bringing prosperity and peace of mind. Like our namesake, JUPITER Energy Advisors applies our knowledge, influence and wisdom to the protection, prosperity and peace of mind of our clients.


The team at JUPITER has years of experience in helping clients plan and implement effective strategies for energy procurement and energy cost control. We will guide you to developing a competitive supply portfolio, help you to develop and achieve realistic energy cost budgets, administer your supply contracts as your agent, and provide invoice verification and cost reporting to keep your costs on track.


Energy buying is complicated. Energy markets are uncertain. Instead of relying on intuition or conventional wisdom, smart energy buyers look for practical strategies that are evidence-based and have been proven to work. The team at JUPITER brings together years of experience in all aspects of the energy marketplace. As practitioners and as analysts working in the energy market every day, we think deeply about the behaviour of markets, the nature of risk, emerging threats and opportunities for energy users, and the challenge of making effective decisions in uncertain conditions. We are eager to put our insights to work for you.